Thrillist – America’s Best Craft Distilleries

Thrillist – America’s Best Craft Distilleries

Spirit Works

Sebastopol, California
Husband and wife duo Timo and Ashby Marshall are behind the brand, and subscribe to a “grain to grass” philosophy, meaning that they’re in control of every step of the distillation process. The tank they use is 4,000 liters, and was built specifically for them in Germany.

“The old sloe gins used to be one of those dust collectors both in liquor stores and at home bars, but now distilleries are developing some truly distinct and delectable versions,” says Clare Ward, head mixologist/bartender at Sāmbār in Culver City, California. “Spirit Works has a really great version that’s surprisingly well balanced with subtle tart notes to counteract the sweetness. It’s low in alcohol but high in flavor, which provides a fun challenge for a bartender and a new experience for the patron.”

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