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Music Barrel Bundle-Very Limited


Back in a time when we were able to give tours, many of you will have seen the special whiskey barrel stack with headphones on listening to music. Our Music Experiment Series is literally an entertaining exploration of that interaction. By attaching amplified music to a barrel, we wanted to see if the sound vibrations would increase the interaction between the liquid and the wood. Each batch of whiskey at Spirit Works Distillery yields approximately two 53-gallon barrels giving us one experimental barrel listening to music via headphones or speakers and one control barrel.
Well, folks, the barrels have spoken and after a few tastes from each barrel, we’ve decided that the Straight Rye Whiskey barrel that has been listening to one of the best classic rock bands ever for the past 6+ years is ready for you to enjoy! Everyone needs a little classic hard rock whiskey right about now and we’ve got some delicious, limited, music-influenced whiskey here for you.

-$120 for the bundle of 2 bottles. Includes exclusive Rock & Roll recipes-