Real Simple – 6 Boozy Mother’s Day Gifts

Real Simple – 6 Boozy Mother’s Day Gifts

Wolffer Estate Summer in a Bottle Rose


From a Hamptons-based winery, this light pink wine bursts with fruity melon and strawberry flavors—but isn’t too sweet, thanks to a touch of acidity.

To buy: $24 for one 750ml bottle,

Art in the Age Craft Spirits Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial


As close to ‘farm to table’ as a liqueur can get, this spirit is distilled in New Hampshire from local blueberries, black trumpet mushrooms, verbena, and lavender. The result is blueberry forward, and ever-so-slightly pungent. Enjoy it over ice as a refreshing after dinner beverage.

To buy: $34,

Spirit Works Straight Rye Whiskey


Let’s face it: whiskey tends to have a masculine connotation. But the all-female distilling team behind this Northern California spirit is turning that stereotype upside down once and for all. Their rye is easy to drink neat, with a spicy start, a sweet finish, and a hint of cedar along the way.

To buy: $68,

Far North Spirits Solveig Gin


Every step of production for this rye-based gin takes place at the Minnesota-based distillery, from the growing of the rye to milling, mashing, and fermenting—and it makes a difference. It’s one of the most flavorful we’ve ever tasted, full of grapefruit, thyme, juniper, and lavender notes.

To buy: $54 for one 750ml bottle,

Viña Gravonia Rioja Blanco, Lopez de Heredia – 2006


From one of Spain’s oldest wineries, here’s a dry white wine that’s ready to drink now—but also gets even better with age. With hints of citrus and tropical fruit, it pairs well with shellfish and cheeses.

To buy: $29 for one 750ml bottle,

Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka


This vodka is crisp and clean, with clear cucumber flavor—ideal for mixing up gimlets.

To buy: $36 for one 750ml bottle,

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