CheatSheet – Bar Secrets: 10 Underrated Gins That You May Not Know About

CheatSheet – Bar Secrets: 10 Underrated Gins That You May Not Know About

Guys who usually opt for a gin and tonic when hitting the bar often have a particular spirit they prefer. Since the cocktail only has two ingredients, three if you count the lime, it makes sense to have a go-to. If you never stray from your standard, though, you could be seriously limiting yourself. Furthermore, gin is a key player in a lot of other drinks that are just as delicious, including the Tom Collins and the Aviation.

Of course, not everyone likes this unique spirit. Some men stay away from anything with gin, often reasoning the juniper flavor is just too overbearing. While this might be true for some bottles, Food Republic explained every gin is slightly different as each uses a variety of other botanicals to drastically influence the flavor. It’s all a matter of finding one to suite your palate. To aid you in the search for your perfect gin, we’ve compiled a list of 10 lesser-known bottles that would all be fantastic additions your home bar.

1. Spirit Works Distillery Sloe Gin

Infused alcohol is all the rage these days, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Flavors like cookie dough and wasabi just don’t translate well to high-proof spirits, partially because the artificial flavors don’t come anywhere near reaching the intended taste. The difference with gin is it relies on natural botanicals to get a flavor boost that doesn’t taste fake.

For something totally different, but still delicious, Condé Nast Traveler recommended trying Spirit Works Distillery Sloe Gin. Though it’s not widely recognized in the U.S., sloe gin is a classic in England. It’s made by steeping sloe berries, which are actually a type of tiny plum, and sugar with the alcohol to produce a gin that has a sweet-tart flavor that’s reminiscent of cranberries or currants. Since the distillery is turning out bottles from co-owner Timo Marshall’s family recipe, which spent generations being perfected, you can be sure it’s among the best on the market.

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