001 – Batch


001-VThe base of any good gin is of course a very clean, premium spirit. Vodka is also made from this same base, so we decided to bottle some of our Vodka in order for our visitors here at the distillery, to be able to get a taste of it. We felt it was important to understand why our Grain-to-Glass process, using California grown, organic, red winter wheat resulted in such a full-bodied spirit with such depth in character. It has been hard to keep it hidden for our customers though (you’ll notice it doesn’t even make an appearance on our webpage for now), and so we were asked to add it to the line of spirits that is available from our distillery. We are quietly very proud of it and hope you enjoy it. We strongly recommend this batch as is, maybe with an ice cube. This   photo is the day the very first bags of wheat arrived at the distillery!